About Lodgecap, Inc.

LodgeCap is a Maryland corporation that develops and owns select service hotels across various states. Lodgecap and its related companies, Medical Hospitality Group and Benchmark Development Corporation, have developed over 1,000 commercial real estate projects across the United States over the last 45 years and have been involved in developing more than 100 select service hotels over the last 20 years. LodgeCap raises debt and equity in the public capital markets.

Billy L. Brown is CEO of all three companies. The emphasis has been working closely with franchisers as a developer/landlord for their franchisees. Brown began developing hospitality in the mid-1990’s and exclusively since the late 1990’s. By focusing on upper range select service hotels and using institutional grade third party management he has generally replicated his hands off, landlord approach to the hospitality industry.

Brown maintains a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the brands that he develops. He believes that the brands bring a great deal of experience to the table and his job is to strategically apply those lessons learned to his hotels. Brown has been on the Starwood Hotel and Resorts Owner Advisory Board since 2007 and was awarded the Developer of the Year award by Starwood in 2009. He is currently a member of one of the Marriott Franchise Advisory Councils. He is a regular panelist/speaker at hospitality events such as the Lodging Conference and the ALIS Conference. He has been on the ALIS Planning committee for several years.

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